The Girl with Glass Feet in Korea

Sallim Publishing have just released their translation of The Girl with Glass Feet in South Korea, and they’ve done an absolutely beautiful job of the book.  Here it is on their site, and below a copy of the cover.  You can also get a feel of what the book looks like here.


In other news, I think I’ve figured out how to draw dwarfs, which is good news because the next fairy story is going to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Despite what you may have heard or seen, it’s actually a fairy story about mountains and – more precisely – not getting into a fight with them.  I will explain, hopefully, one day next week…

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  1. Ilona Chavasse wrote:

    Hi Ali
    What a gorgeous cover! I am sorry not to have seen it in the office (am on maternity leave) but I remember how excited the Korean editor was about the book, so how lovely that their edition has come out so well. Congratulations on the Costa shorlisting – well-deserved! I shall check in on this blog in a few months time, to see if any more have arrived… Can’t wait to read the new novel when I return to Atlantic next year. xx/Ilona

    Posted 12 Dec 2009 at 3:37 pm