With Fishes’ Eyes

I went to see District 9 last night and can’t really rate it highly enough.  It’s like a sci-fi version of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, and it’s gripping from start to finish.  The only downside is how impactful it is.  I dreamed all night of my feet turning into slime and insect claws, which now I think about it reminds me of something…

I have been busy throwing myself at the new story I’m writing, which is proving so incredibly difficult to finish that I’ve not kept up much this week with online goings on.  There was a kind review in Publishers Weekly over in the States on Monday.  The Girl with Glass Feet is out there in January, published by Henry Holt.  Thank you, also, to those good folk who have reviewed it on their blogs or written to tell me they’d read it.  It’s greatly appreciated, I promise you.

I’m off to the End Of The Road festival tomorrow, back in the good green shire of Dorset.  They have a library in the woods there (bookshelves on the trees, that kind of thing), which I’m looking forward to exploring.  I’m hoping I’ll find a gem to read .  Then, next week, I hope to post about another fairy story – The Nixie in the Mill Pond, which is a spooky little love story of the highest order.

So, until then…

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  1. Adam wrote:

    Last year they had an old book about WG Grace- fingers crossed it might be there again..

    Posted 10 Sep 2009 at 6:46 pm